Thursday, 27 November 2008


This week, I have mostly been playing a witness in a Criminal trial for two pupils to battle it out and improve their advocacy, organised by Inner Temple.

The first trial was fascinating to me. I actually saw the things being taught in class put into use, and I took heaps of notes. Clever lines to use, how to present things, how to approach certain information.

The second trial I helped at, both pupils were blinding, and I would have been happy to have either represent me in a trial. I did wonder how I would ever get to where I am now to be as good as them, but hey ho, its all part of the process of education I suppose.

I do think that these training sessions should be compulsory for students to help out at. Not only did I gain yet another qualifying session, I also learned a lot, so double whammy for me.

If 50yr old Pupil did this training this week, I gotcha. Speaking to him afterwards, (admittedly it may not be him, but could have been judging by the grey hair and arthritic walk), we agreed that becoming a barrister is like jumping hurdles. As soon as you jump one, there is another one ahead to jump, and so it goes. GDL, BVC, Pupillage, Tenancy, successful career. It gets harder the older you get, which could be to do with the arthritis, or less get up and go, although it is tempered by maybe a greater drive to succeed. Who knows.

Anyway, I am in training for the 2012 100m hurdles.


barmaid said...

It's all downhill then Swizz, once your get up and go has got up and gone, next it's your libido and then your memory.
Your 'page 3 blonde stunners' calendar will be replaced with a Saga bus trip holidays to Eastbourne brochure and because you can't remember what you did with the blue-tac, you'll fix it to the wall with a soggy half chewed Worther's Original:-)

Android said...

For ages, me and my friend referred to our careers as RPG games (we're really sad...). So work experience was like collecting 'poinmts', and getting a qualification was like 'completing a quest'. He managed to progress to the 'next level' by getting that top job with the top firm in the City. Grrr. :D That's one way of looking at it I suppose...

And about the pupil's training, we had a similar thing at Middle - where the Inn's advocacy trainers were training on BVC students! Sadly, I missed it.

The 50-Year-Old Pupil said...

Ah! Not I Tone. I have the alibi that I was at a far-flung provincial trial which featured some cross-exam that was probably about as good as it gets.

I find on my own Inn advocacy training that we all feel now even more rubbish than we were at the start of the BVC. However, I'm sure that this is because the bar (sic) is being raised and we are faced with the prospect that, at least for those of us at the common law bar, we are really really really going to have to really do it for real in a few weeks' time. Gulp!

I do know what you mean about the hurdles. Even at a chambers who award pupillage with a view to tenancy and have taken on the majority of their recent pupils, life still feels very uncomfortable and provisional. You are left in no doubt that you are under constant scrutiny and assessment by chambers.

The Egocentric said...

One of those guys are my friends! Good to know you found it entertaining. Big fan of qualifying sessions. Inner's are v. good- all v. educational

Swiss Tony said...

50yrold, you would have been pleased if you didn't have an alibi and it had been you. He was good.

Ego, they were both good, whichever one is your friend. As I have already said, I would be happy to have either of them represent me!


Law Minx said...

Did you have a Baked Potato afterward?!?!?!? ( oooo, arent I an unquantifiable RATBAG!!!!!!!)
Er, I'll just get my coat.......

Bar Boy said...

Minx, Swiss belongs to Inner Temple and is, therefore, quite rightly, fed on the finest caviar. The baked potatoes are reserved for mere visitors, who have strayed from the confines of their lesser Inns.

Swiss Tony said...

Minxy, as I say on the Phones4U advert, yeah, yeah, yeah!


Law Minx said...

My Dear BB,

Surely you must have come to the latent realisation that that which passes for caviar at Inner is, in fact, a tin of John West Cod Roe lightly spread over a packet of Tescos Exceptional Value Cream Crackers?!

As for poor old Swizz, plainly a desperate diet of baked potatoes has induced him to appear in a Phones 4 U ad so that he may suppliment himself with vegetables that have not been irratiated in an industrial strength microwave!!

Swiss Tony said...

Minxy, Being on the BVC and struggling, I need to make money wherever I can. Phones4U have been good to me.

So how can we tell which is better. Inner Temples food or Middle Temple. As Harry Hill would say, 'FIGHT'

Just goes to illustrate how little homework I am getting that I spend all day watching tv!

Minxy, I note that the invite to dine in fine style at Inner has been completely ignored, so you will have to rely on Andropov telling you how mistaken you are, and how you both goofed big time when you chose the wrong Inn.

Na na na na na.


Law Minx said...

... My Dear Swizz,

Pardon my ignorance, but what invitation????