Friday, 29 August 2008

Class Numpty

Day One in the Big Learning House and its official, I am not the class Numpty.

(And I didn't cry once!)


Thursday, 28 August 2008

First day at school

Well this is it then. Tomorrow morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed I will board the train to the big city and see what entertainment my provider can lay on for me.

I am slightly worried about being the class numpty, crying my eyes out at the school gates, feigning a tummy ache and getting mummy to come and collect me, or pulling some girls pig tails so that I get expelled.

I don't think I was this worried the day before I joined the army!

If anyone else is starting the BVC tomorrow, and sees a little lost soul, on his own in the playground with nobody to talk to, take pity on me and come and hold my hand.

If you are blonde with long legs, then don't let go!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow to see how tough I was, how I kicked arse and didn't cry once.

Its all very strange today.


Friday, 15 August 2008

New Look

Hey, what do you think of the snazzy new look?

A certain BVC success that should be turning down pupillages because she had too many offers, but is instead selling funerals did it for me.

What a girl. Andropov the Great she is known by from now on.

Andropov, you forgot to tell me how to do those clever hyperlink things, because I would have put one in at this stage.


Just there in big bold letters.

(Did that do it?)

Just in case it didn't, check the link to the right of the screen to Androids Reminiscences.

She is a right clever girl don't you know.


Thursday, 14 August 2008


As all of you that know me, well, OK, so thats none of you, will know that I do not look anything like the dear old Julie, but looking for something suitable to demonstrate my current mindset of worried I came across this image, and what a girl she is. What a cracker.

My dad always fancied her, and now I can see why. Move over Dawn French, Julie's here.

Anyway, worried. yes, I undoubtedly am. Its this BVC business that got me all wobbly and fretting.

Hang on a mo, I need to get my thoughts back into order before continuing. That picture of Julie has me all a quiver.

Right, I am and have been for several weeks been uncertain about this BVC business. I am not sure that i am cut out for it really. The job of barrister I think I will be fine with. I have seen them at work, I have negotiated with them, been complimented by them at my sharp and quick thinking in court, had a couple of them on the run in court, (been thrashed a few times as well of course!), so the eventual job holds no fear, its just the next 2 years that has me uncertain.

Maybe despite all my blog reading I am unsure what the course is actually like. What are the classes like. Will I look a numpty?

The icing on the cake was my lovely provider, who seems better than Barmaids and Bar Boys already, has given me about 2500 multiple choice questions to get my grey matter thinking about law again. To remind me of the basics so that I can hit the ground running.

I started on Contract Law. I enjoyed that. I got good marks for it. I understood it all. So the first 10 questions. Offer and Acceptance. The Postal Rule. Easy peasy. I can do that standing on my head. offers, counter offers, silence, auctions, telex machines, Butler Machine Tool, Boots Pharmacutical, Hyde v Wrench, bring them on, I can do them in my sleep.


I am now too scared to try then next 10. I only have another 2490 questions to do and I am like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

Worst thing about it, I used my text books and still got 3/10!!!

If I thought I was worried before, I am in desperate need of a brain transplant.


Abandon all hope.

Crikey Moses.

The only good thing that has happened in the last 24 hours was finding that picture of Julie.


ps That wasn't thunder you heard earlier today, it was Dawn rolling over!