Friday, 29 August 2008

Class Numpty

Day One in the Big Learning House and its official, I am not the class Numpty.

(And I didn't cry once!)



Law Minx said...

Told You So.

Bar Boy said...

What, you mean you can manage half a sentence in broken English and you're not a total social spastic. Who would have thought it ?

But, drilling down to the really important aspects of induction, have you got any top totty on the lecturer front ?

Android said...

So, how was it???

The 50-Year-Old Pupil said...

To parapharase the words of the great poker player Amarillo Slim, if you haven't worked out in the first 10 minutes who the class numpty is, you're the numpty.

Good luck with the BVC!

The 50-Year-Old Pupil said...

Bar Boy! Don't!, No, really! Don't!

Bar Boy said...

Swiss, not wanting to hijack your thread.

50YOP, 3 days into induction and with eyes now wedged open with matchsticks, surely us newbies are allowed an attempt at levity (and to be indulged, if only in our new found agony). I wasn't, for a moment, expecting Swiss to reply.

P.S. Swiss, I trust we'll compare notes when we meet up !

P.P.S. Swiss, wouldn't mind comparing some of the more relevant aspects, viz and viz different providers and different approaches, blah, blah.

Bar Boy said...

P.P.P.S. Swiss, if you're reading before the end of the weekend, meant to say hope all is going OK.

Swiss Tony said...

LM, as usual you were right. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Where it is easy for you to say that it is nothing like the GDL, the difference to me was staggering.

No longer do we have the class swots who read the subject we were doing at the weekends lectures so that they could answer all of the questions, making everyone else feel inadequate.

Everyone in the class seems pleasant enough and i didn't feel out of my depth at all, so all in all a good start. All of my worries are far behind now. Confidence restored.

BB, certainly we can compare notes when we meet. I reckon I will win that conversation hands down!


Legal Lass said...

Glad it is all going well. And that your class are okay - mine turned out to be a good group of guys and it really did make all the difference to how much I enjoyed the year!