Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Big School

OK OK, so you all keep asking, 'What was it really like?'

Although 10 minutes late, I still had to join a queue for 'processing'. Checking Degree results (Or GDL in my case) to ensure that we had passed, checking that we had joined an Inn, and that was me processed.

All sorts of admin stuff, photos, locker keys, manuals, books and stuff.

Then a few lectures on how important attendance is, how we will be split into small groups, met by teachers and taken to our classes.

Further chat about attendance. The course content was run through and off for dinner.

Then another chat on attendance and it was nearly home time.

The next day we had a further reminder about attendance and we began Criminal stuff. It seems that we will be following a case from arrest through to sending the thieving scumbag to solitary confinement and being raped in the showers. Obviously he isn't guilty until proven guilty, but I have phoned ahead to Broadmoor to reserve him a place. I know he did it. I can tell.

So far it is all very interesting and completely new to me. I checked through the reading and preparation that I must get through before the next weekend and it is a heck of a lot more than I thought. Maybe I will need to reduce my working hours to cope. I may have winged the GDL, but I get the feeling that this will require a bit more devotion.

All in all, a good start. I enjoyed it, the class seem a decent bunch, nobody seems to be big headed or obnoxious, and once I get through the huge pile of preparation I have for the next weekends lesson I will try and work out a timetable for myself and a method of coping.

I have found though that although I am reading stuff it isn't sinking in. I see the words in the book but that's as far as they go at the moment. Looks like I may need to read things twice!

Now, what was it they said about attendance?


ps In the photo, I am in the back row between the two girlies. I have a compass in the heel of my Clarkes shoes and a spider in a matchbox in my pocket. Oh, its great being back at school


Law Minx said...

Typical - you just HAD to find yourself a seat next to the token Blonde!

There is always something really nice about registering for a course ( this obviously means I should get out more) - from the nice new books to the nice new people and, well the general nice NEWNESS of it all; it always feels to me like the start of a great literary adventure!

I am glad to see that you've got off to a positive start, Swizz, and that the people you are with seem nice. I think you will soon settle into a routine and fling your self into your studies with considerable Joie de Vivre! I look forward to reading all about it! :0

PS: In addition to the compass in your shoe and spider in your matchbox, you should also have a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary, for looking up rude words.

Bar Boy said...

Swiss, do you get a locker to go with your locker key ? If so, you jammy bugger. At alternative course provider, there are no lockers for us scummy part timers and students have to lug their books around with them at all times for fear that some ASBO type yoof will steal the books and sell them for drugs.

Have you got a new blazer. One that is too large until Xmas, the right size by Easter and too tight by summer.

Swiss Tony said...

LM, surrounding myself with blondes. You know me too well.

I tried looking up naughty words on Lexis Nexis which is much more fun! So much for the lecture on legal research! Too much giggling at the back of the class when Blonde piece found 'fart' and I found that she really was a true blonde!

BB, you didn't get a locker? Blimey, I would be asking for my money back. Has your provider got anything positive going for it other than a decent logo?

Oh, the blazer, how I remember it. Unfortunately, nowadays I have to wear trousers with an elasticated waistband. My mum told me to carry last years blazer over my shoulder so that nobody would notice that it didn't fit, was old and threadbare, and was the wrong colour for the new school.


Fiona said...

Cough, cough, what's this about true blondes?

Now I had you down as a roller shoe boy. -;)

Bar Boy said...

Swiss, the coffee is pretty decent and the facilities are snazzy. BVC students (even part timers) have their own special room at the top of the building. There is a notice on the door, which may as well say "doing the LPC ? then FO you pleb".

Do feel free to blind copy me in on your upcoming exchange with Fiona.

Lost said...

Eurgh is the BVC like the step up from ALevels to Univeristy?

Compulsory attendance? Ohh I've never liked that, always done well teaching myself!

Highly interesting stuff Swiss!

Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Sweez

Thought I'd make an appearance on your BLOG - you need a bit of Gravitas when you're on the BVC...and P is happy to provide it.

You must work hard on the BVC....and be prepared for all small group work.

Forget the blondes and so the work.


I'm a boring little gett at heart.

barmaid said...

Dig those ears Swizz, wow, you can sit at the back of the class and still hear everything teacher says.

Swiss Tony said...

Mr P, I have plenty of gravity, so will take it with me next time I go to school. Thanks for the comment, but blondes are blondes and I just can't help myself.

BM, do you like them? When I go home I wear a headband like Dire Straits to try and bring them in a bit.

Some people put pencils behind their ears. I can put a pencil case. Its a clever trick.