Friday, 15 August 2008

New Look

Hey, what do you think of the snazzy new look?

A certain BVC success that should be turning down pupillages because she had too many offers, but is instead selling funerals did it for me.

What a girl. Andropov the Great she is known by from now on.

Andropov, you forgot to tell me how to do those clever hyperlink things, because I would have put one in at this stage.


Just there in big bold letters.

(Did that do it?)

Just in case it didn't, check the link to the right of the screen to Androids Reminiscences.

She is a right clever girl don't you know.



Lost said...

Nice new look Swizz!

Law Minx said...

Absolutely SPANKING new look, Swizz!! Andro is a Techno-Goddess of the Highest Order!!!

Android said...

Hehe, thanks Tony!

To do a hyperlink, you could either put <*a href="http://link">Text<*/a> (withotu stars) in 'Edit html' mode, or highlight text and click on the hyperlink button (5th from the left). Or alternatively, just download the Live Writer:

For the record: I had nothing to do with the actual design - just the realisation :)))

Swiss Tony said...

Andropov The Great, HTML? I think I will try and avoid linking instead. I can barely grapple with normal posting, let alone understanding whats behind the page. I don't think my Sinclair Spectrum does HTML anyway.

So, you are trying to distance yourself from the design eh?

I just don't understand how you could turn the sketch I sent into the New Look.

Its all very clever. I mean you're very clever.


Android said...

I don't deserve any unearned credit for the design, that's all! :P

Here's an illustrative explanation of blogger hyperlinks >>

Mel said...

Clean new look for the new year - bit like sharpening all your pencils before a new school year started. :)

Are you excited? Tackled any reading lists yet?