Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hearsay revisited

After a lot of reading, head scratching and nibbling on a pen while wondering, I think I have Hearsay cracked. I admit that although I can now spot Hearsay from a distance, I can recognise it immediately, I can wax lyrical on it, I can entertain my friends with tales of Hearsay, I could write a 500 page text book on it, I am almost at the point that Hearsay is flowing through my finely tuned body.

I have read every book on the subject, I have spoken to academics, Judges, my Mum, I have watched DVD's on the subject, and it is no longer the mystery that it seemed.

One thing I just can't understand though, how did they ever get a hit record?


The Uni Looney said...

LMAO I thought that what you was on about. Made me chuckle thank you :)

Bar Boy said...

Swiss, matey, I know it's all a bit of a doss at your course provider, but I am concerned that you seem to have spent all term solely on hearsay. Does the new year see you strecthing your legs and venturing into the rest of the syllabus ?

P.S. Are you doing more of the witness activities in February, at Inner, the discerning students' Inn of choice ?

Swiss Tony said...

BB, Bit of a Doss? Are you kidding?

We have done all sorts of things besides Hearsay. Finger painting, knitting, making Christmas decorations, trip to the Millenium Wheel, and loads of good educational stuff.

I thought about the Witness thing, but having already done it I feel that i will leave it for others to benefit. I actually think it should be compulsory.


Bar Boy said...

Finger painting, you jammy sod. I know now that I picked the wrong course provider.

Fiona said...

Oh no, not hearsay again!

Mel said...

I'm very confused on hearsay. Not because I don't get the concept, I do. But I didn't really get the concept when I came across it in American law last summer. After a few years, and many days of beating myself over the head with the Evidence book I had the 3 non-hearsay exceptions, and the 10 hearsay exceptions (with New York distinctions) down.

This now means I am very confused with UK law because it's just similar enough for the two systems to be floating around my head, bashing into each other and getting me right mixed up. No exception for dying declaration you say? Oh you call it res gestae here?!

I was once told I looked liked Myleene, actually. Can't see it myself.

Law Minx said...

How appropriate - Hearsay - 'Pure and Simple'!!!!! ( NOT)

Perhaps it will be a good idea to play the aforementioned tune to your bog standard High Court Judge when arguing to admit it!!

Swiss Tony said...

Fi, Fi, Fi, my words exactly. 'Oh no, not Hearsay again'

Fortunately, the weekend has gone, it has been dealt final good kicking and will hopefully not rear its ugly head again until exam time.

Mel, if you look like Myleene, then I picked the wrong provider. Why couldn't I be in your class? I admit I wouldn't get any work done, but classes would be a pleasure. Not that finger painting and playing in the sand pit are not delightful ways to spend my time, but Myleene.....

LM, I will put it on my ringtone, and if my phone goes off in court and the judgey looks sternly at me I will just say 'Ah but the tune m'lud, sing along with me'

I do love this barrister business, its just so full of fun.


Mel said...

Fret not, your money was well spent- on further tickling of the memory, I think it was more like 'you look like her when you smile'. Or you have the same smile. I.e. toothy. Only a passing resemblance if you close one eye, and squint with the other :P

I have someone in my class who could be a Calvin Klein model (or so he thinks anyway) and insists on wearing fashionably low cut tops all the time. Most off putting - you're well spared, all the more room in your head for s78 and s116 and all that...!

Lost said...

Which book are you using for Evidence Swizz?

Dennis or Munday seems to be the best at the moment, unless you want to use Cross and Taper - but apparently that a bit hard to get into.

I'm doing evidence as an undergrad, and it is difficult! Garh!