Saturday, 10 January 2009

Panic stations

It may just be me, but what a strange feeling it is to be all of a fluster and panicking about having so many things to do and so little time to do it in.

I appreciate that Bar Boy and Bar Maid, and like as not anyone that goes to BPP, spends most of their life in said panic so it seems normal, but this is a new one on me.

Four months into the course and it has all been reasonably laid back, feet up on the desk, playing solitaire on the pc instead of researching something on Lexis Nexis, sometimes it even being so slack that I don't bother getting out of bed.

In addition to my usual working day, I have homework. Probably a little more than usual, but the last month or so it has been minimal. Then an Opinion to write. I did half of it during Xmas, but still have a bit of research to do.

I have begun to realise the shortcomings of my 'plastic' GDL qualification and the lack of depth we went into in subjects. I end up knowing that there must be 'something' that applies in this situation, but buggered if I can find it. All my Uni books are spread across my desk but I still can't find what I am looking for.

I have then discovered FIVE pupillages that I should apply for before their January 30th deadlines. I haven't tried this before, so I have to invent all sorts of stuff to make me sound interesting. Its actually quite a challenge to write the first one, although they get easier as there is an element of cut and paste when you are doing a few together.

And then WHAM, bang, right between the eyes, PANIC STATIONS.

A Mock Legal Research project. Admittedly, it is along the lines of a subject I am familiar with, which thank the Lord it is because it has thrown me into all sorts of palpitations and sleepless nights. Its one thing to KNOW what the court will do, but quite another to actually pinpoint the bit of law that says WHY they will.

The fact that I am writing this post should be indication enough that I have finished it. What a relief. I feel great. I have been punching the air in triumph which is not a good idea when driving, but hey, I feel good.

Bar Boy and Bar Maid, you both have my undying respect. If you have been running around like the headless chicken I have been this week then I am in awe of you both. This week has been interesting, and I am happy to get my knickers in a twist once in a while, but not constantly. I need a chance to let my heartrate get back to a normal level and catch up on some sleep.



barmaid said...

I don't think LLB prepares one very well for BVC either Swizz. I did Negligence and Contract 4 years ago and can't remember anything much about them at all. Each time we get a problem involving the above, I have to go right back to basics and get the old LLB manuals out and start from scratch - duty, breach, loss, causation, remoteness, defence?
(er, he didn't do it and there's no snail?). And as for contract, unless it involves an exploding washing machine and the Sale of Goods Act, I haven't a bleedin' clue:-)

But perhaps what is even more sad is that here I am on a Saturday night, drowning under a sea of artificial insemination cases (yuk!) and lesbian goings on, trying to see the wood for the trees with section 8 orders and failing miserably. Oh well, where are the last of those Chrimbo chocs?

One day we'll laugh about this:-)

Law Minx said...

My Dear Swizz,
I wonder if getting one's knickers in a twist is to be expected of life at the Bar?! Lots of work one minute,(sometimes more than you can bear) which builds up to a sickening crescendo of late nights and far FAR too much coffee, followed by thetruly WONDERFUL sensation of satisfaction, and indeed, pride in the knowledge that you've done everything and done your best, followed by..... Nothing, until the next big dollop of work!! If this is thecase, then you are MORE than well prepared to practise as a Barrister!! :)