Tuesday, 27 January 2009

100 words

Here is an interesting challenge. I have been practicing making Pupillage applications and one of the questionnaires I have asks me to persuade them to accept my point of view in 100 words.

I thought this would be a laugh. It doesn't have to be a serious topic, they do say realistic or otherwise.

I thought of:

Carrots DO help you to see in the dark.

Dogs CAN look up. (Watch Shaun of the Dead)

My mums cooking isn't THAT bad. Hmm, not sure I could convince anyone of that except my dad!

I then thought of a master stroke.

'It is impossible to convince anyone of anything in only 100 words.' My thinking being that at the end of my 100 words I would be able to say that if they are not convinced I must be right.

The trouble with this little exercise is that as soon as you lay out your proposition 25% of your word count has already been used up. There is precious little space left to convince anyone of anything

It then dawned on me what a clever task this is. It is extremely difficult to put into few words a convincing argument. Even saying 'That's just because it is' uses up 1/20th of the allowance.

If/when I get called in for an interview I will reveal what I really did, but I am impressed at the concept. It has had me thinking for a few days.



barmaid said...

Could try a 'Yozzer' - remember him, from 'Boys from the Black Stuff'?

" Gizza job, gizza job, go on gizza job, i'll be dead good go on gizza job"

Law Minx said...

In the alternative, what about (*Adopts Best X Factor Whiney Type Voice*) ' I can do it, really I can - just give me a CHANCE'!

Bar Boy said...

Probably best, though, not to headbutt the chair of the pupillage committee. I seem to recall something about that being a no-no in the Bar etiquette guide the Inn sent to students.

Android said...

I think I may know the chambers you're applying to, unless it's become a common question. Good job this trend hasn't hit the provinces yet.

Someone I know wrote about a fight between James Bond and Superman... Pathetic, I say.

Fiona said...

How about 'Fathers ARE shafted by family courts?' ;)

Swiss Tony said...

BM, Good plan. Iwill turn up for the interview in a high visibility vest and take a broom with me. Not sure where to park the road laying lorry, but ther smell of tarmac will introduce my arrival.

LM, I will tell them that it is all I have ever wanted to do, and my granny died last week, so its for her.

BB, I can't find that rule in the professional conduct book, so I will wear a hard hat t go with the hi vis vest and let you know my progress.

Andropov, I will mail you to let you know. I think my final choice is on par with James Bond.

Fi, I prefer 'Fathers are often their own worst enemies!'


Asp said...

"If you accept my point of view on [X], will give you £1,000,000"

I'm sure that would work on most people, and hardly uses the word count!

(Note - of course, the judiciary would never be influenced by money.)

Anonymous said...

i'm applying for them, too - good luck.

Swiss Tony said...

Asp, if I had that sort of money to offer in bribes I doubt i would be after a pupillage. I would spend it wisely employing a barrister to do my homework!

Simply, I was going to suggest that you save the stamp used to post your pplication and give them a miss. My application has been checked by an expert, and although my first draft brought her to tears, she has given me detention, lines and a smack, and now it is kicking.

The reason why i still feel that you may stand a chance is that my interview technique is beginning to worry me. Firstly I say 'Gizza job endlessly, then I punch them on the nose and lastly offer a bribe.

I just don't think it is going to cut the mustard.


ps Good luck, although it is said with some reservation just in case you 'win' and I don't. Break a leg might be better, and if you do 'win' I will certainly break one of them for you!