Monday, 22 June 2009

Half time whistle

And so the referee blows his whistle, and the half way point has been reached. No point turning back now, because it would take just as long to do that as carry on, although the path ahead is littered with unknown obstacles, while I know that the road already traveled has been pretty smooth, nice scenic views, nice people met along the way, and level walking.

Which brings me to the point of my post. A year ago before I began the BVC I worried that I was a numbskull and would be laughed out of class on day one. I worried that I may not be up to the job, that the lessons would be too hard, the homework overwhelming, and the rest of the class pretensious and obnoxious twits.

With the exception of the latter, I have been proven wrong on every front. I have loved the course, relished the lessons (Hmm, maybe not relished!), enjoyed it all. I will be the first to admit that trying to get my head around Hearsay was never going to be easy, and still isn't, but nothing else has been so difficult that I felt out of my depth.

Enjoyable is the word for it. The teaching staff have been wonderful, the challenge has been manageable, and I feel that despite my fears I have done alright.

So as I approach a few weeks off, eight actually, and as I consider the amount of homework I have to get through, which admittedly is probably less than 1 days worth of BPP finest homework challenges, I am looking forward to the second half.

Criminal and Civil are pretty much dealt with now, and advocacy seems to be the biggie for next year, and of course the selectives we can choose, so I feel that the hardest part is probably behind me now, and even if it isn't, bring it on.

So to anyone beginning the BVC in September, you have nothing to fear, it is enjoyable if you put your mind to it, apply yourself and make the effort to study and do your homework.

Of course, maybe its just CofL that is enjoyable.

What struck me as funny yeterday on the underground was I chose CofL because I could get there with a direct connection on the tube. If I went to BPP I would have had to change lines. Blow me down if every bloody weekend TFL are doing engineering works and I need to change lines anyway. Now that is a Swizz



barmaid said...

So Swizzle, seeing as we are now half a barrister, does that now mean that our name is 'barri'? This BVC thing's all a bit confusing, I don't want to be called barri, I'm a laydee, I wonder if they'll let me call myself 'ister' instead???

But seriously, glad it all went well for you, enjoy the break and the resumption of normality. Woohoo!

Swiss Tony said...

BM, isn't it funny how the way we view ourselves is sometimes a world apart from the way others see us.

I have seen the graffiti in the Gents at BPP, and believe me, if only half of it is true you are no laydee! Popular seems to be the message running through all of the verses and limericks I saw.

I quite fancy being a Barri though. In fact, I am already. How about that.


barmaid said...

What can I say - it was all pro bono you know, didn't make a penny out of it and I'm told that chambers look favourably on such acts of kindness.

Law Minx said...

My Dear Swiss,

Where HAS the time gone?? It seems to me as if it was only yesterday that you were beginning the course - and now you have reached the halfway mark !!!

I have suddenly grown very ,VERY old!!

Swiss Tony said...


Yes, a whole year ago I was stood in the playground trying to keep away from the rough BPP boys, you were looking quite a picture in your white mac, hat, and lolipop stick, helping us newbies cross the road.

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun.