Thursday, 16 October 2008

Hearsay Evidence


This reminds me of the GDL, when they tell you to read something, you read it, and haven't got a darn clue what on earth it is all about. Funnily enough, it is the first thing on the course that hasn't seemed to be completely logical, clear and simple. (Other than Numpty in the class who is clearly simple)

Any statement made otherwise than by a person while giving oral evidence in the proceedings, which is tendered as evidence of the matters stated.”

OK, I understand that bit (I think), but you only need to read a further page, paragraph, sentence, or word, and it all goes to pot.


I think I would stand more chance of trying to understand how 5 kids on a TV pop show could make so much money out of so little talent.

I think I need to do a bit more investigation on the subject and hopefully report back when I know what I am talking about.



Bar Boy said...

Be careful there, young Swiss. Any criticsm of the gorgeous Myleen is a strict liability offence.

Swiss Tony said...

BB, does it help that I didn't know it was her? I canceled my copy of Chat magazine due to the credit crunch and haven't kept up with the stars.

Would I get away with saying that 4 of them had no talent, but one is a top tottie what can't sing but has a great body?

While we are on the subject, whatever happened to the Nolan Sisters?

Google tells me that hearsay should be excluded but I think they mean the group, and nothing to do with the courts.

Well, I have volunteered to be a witness at the practice court thing in November, so I will make sure I know what I think Hearsay evidence is, and keep bringing it into play and see if I get told to stop. Then I will know for certain. There is always a way.


Bar Boy said...

Wot, Myleeene has a great body. I hadn't noticed; I was referring to her piano playing talent.

I thought the Nolan sisters still regularly appeared, in your dreams, along with that woman from the Oxo adverts.

Anonymous said...

so long as witness chappy is not seeking to prove the issue stated in an earlier statement, but adduces that the statemnt was nevertheless made.... urrrgh.

I too have sat through 1hr 30mins of mental contortionism.

I'm hoping the MCQ tests will be based around the band and not this ridiculous legal principles.

'is myleene a lager or a bitter girl?' 'guestimate her cupsize' and so on. I could have spent an afternoon in front of marks and sparks this summer with those bikini ads they ran.

Swiss Tony said...

RockNroll, nice to see you. I DID spend an afternoon in front of M&S looking at the bikinis.

So convinced was I that it was perfection I bought one for 'er indoors to improve things.

It didn't work.

Recreating the white bikini under a waterfall effect from 'I am a Celebrity', doesn't work with the missus stood under the garden hose.