Sunday, 5 October 2008

Doing the LAMDA

As part of my glorious Inn's educational activities, a session of Lamda had been organised. They have actually arranged various sessions, and as Bar Boy discovered a couple of weeks ago, the Advocacy session was brilliant, and so today I found that doing the Lamda was probably better!

Whilst I admit that I did feel slightly overdressed in my little outfit (as pictured), the only drawback I found was the the skirt was slightly too short.

The session is all about communication. It is run by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), and had nothing to do with South American dancing with two hot chicks in my arms. I will admit to being a little dissapointed, but I didn't like to admit to my mistake, so gamely carried on.

We were divided into groups of 6 or 7, and following a heap load of relaxation exercises and facial gurning we each had a go at reading a few lines from Shakespeare, which was then praised and criticised in sometimes equal amounts! For some reason I was compared to Bottom! (Must have been the short skirt)

Then came the testing part. We had been asked to prepare a three minute speech which was listened to, picked apart, analysed, put back together, replayed, questioned, analysed again, and then applauded.

All in all, I did learn a massive amount about how to communicate effectively, how to project my voice, keep the audience interested, and generally not look stupid when speaking in public.

If anyone ever gets the chance to attend one of these events, go for it. It was brilliant.



Android said...

Sounds awesome. So now, when you're a barrister and you are ever stuck at court, you could just do a little dance.

Are you at the Inner Temple by any chance?

Swiss Tony said...

Andropov, if I am allowed into court with two hot chicks in my arms, then I will be dancing anyway, stuck for what to say or not!

Inner temple is just the best. (Yes)

Bar Boy said...

Android, I think you will find all the cool dudes are at Inner Temple, and there is none cooler than Swiss, the man is so cool he is positively freezing. As Swiss says, the student events at IT are just storming. Now I know Swiss has opted for the short dress costume option, I will be donning my spangly jumpsuit for the next event.

barmaid said...

I'll bet you look quite dashing in your wig, gown and cravat, not sure that the judge was too pleased when you called him 'dahling' though.