Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Well thats done it now

Exams all done. I think I did alright but the proof is in the pudding as they say, even when it isn't a cookery exam.

Why is it always so hot and sunny on exam days?

Why do I keep thinking of little bits I forgot to write?

Why is revising so mind numbingly boring?

Apparently the new assignment I need to do will be with me in the next couple of weeks, so that will fill some time. Meanwhile, back to working 12 hour days again I suppose.



Anonymous said...

hiya Swizz,

I think its a pretty bloody strange feeling to be all over and done with assessment thingies and the like, with the key thing bieng not to beat yourself up about them in any way shape or form. I am EQUALLY pretty bloody sure that you have done fantastically well; I take my hat off to you for not only completing a course as intense as the GDL cramming 3 YEARS of a law degree into 9-18 months, but also for working all those horrendous hours in your job!

PS; it is always hot and sunny on exam days because it will invarialby p*ss down with rain when there are no exams.....

Android said...

I'm more than sure you've done really well on your exams! Too bad you can't give yourself a rest :(

When do you get the results?

Swiss Tony said...

I am lucky that I enjoy my work, so although this week by close of play Wednesday I had done 40 hours, I have had quite a nice time!

Anyone would wonder why on earth I want to change career then!

Following the exams I did take 4 days off. The original plan was to go somewhere hot and sunny and lay on a beach and do nothing, but the dog sitter was on holiday, so its delayed until September.

I had a dream last night and I was given a letter and my EU exam mark was 82. I now wonder if I had the paper upside down and it was 28! The reality is likely to be closer to 28 than 82, thats for sure!


Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Swizz

That's you in the fron row on the left isnt it!

It is...

Get your bleedin' haircut

Mel said...

I hate dreams like that. A few months, or weeks before my exams (i.e before I'd learned anything) I would have dreams that would involve me waking up and having to go into the exam the next day. Horrible!

Still do not know how you do the hours + study! Loco.

(or rather did, I guess you're all done now!)

Swiss Tony said...

Mr P,

You got the correct row, but I am the 4th one back, with my head in my hands.

Mel, I suppose as long as you enjoy your work time flies.

Just waiting for the results now.


barmaid said...

Are you starting BVC this Autumn then or doing the trendy thing and having a gap year?

I'd have loved a gap year, but fearing that senile dementia may kick in at any moment, I thought better of it. On a more positive note, if senile dementia does kick in, I'm going to see if they'll let me skip the barrister bit and I'll go straight into the judiciary:-)

Law Minx said...

Hiya Swizz,
This is totally off topic, I'm afraid, but I am having horrendous problems with my blog - its been hijacked by a guy called Paul Masterson, and for the moment I can do nothing about it; my url has therefore changed - it is no longer lawminx.blogspot.com but minx610.blogspot.com, so you'll have to ammend your link to me, Im afraid!!
(*rushes off, stressed, to tell everyone else of this catastrophe*!!!)

Swiss Tony said...

Barmaid, I start the BVC (Part time) in about 5 weeks time. No gap year for me because if I am not careful I will be at retiring age!