Thursday, 5 June 2008

My Great Seat of Learning

Reposed at my grand seat of learning I am trying to get all fired up for exams on Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday.

Its not easy is it. I can read it, understand it, read the next bit, understand that but forget the first, and so it goes on in a vicious cycle of cramming information in one end and it falling out the other.

This time next week it will all be over. Done and dusted. Pass or fail. Hired or fired.

I can then replace all of the books slotted into my great seat with new ones on far flung topics to do with the BVC. Or just the Beano.

Oh well.



Anonymous said...

Hiya Swizz,

I do rather like your seat of learning - if only it had a spot for food and drink ( as well as a direct link to the loo) you need never stop studying again!!! (what am I SAYING?!?)
What's first on the list? More importantly, whats last?!
I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine - all the VERY best of luck! If its any help, once my own assessments are over with (this coming weekend with regard to the BVC, as a matter of fact, the gigglers are another story)I'll try and post something about August Blogdrinkies, see if I can get something( or someone, specifically geeklawyer!!) tentatively going!

Android said...

Reading your post, I'm so glad my exams are over! Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

Best of luck for the exams, not that you need it!

Anonymous said...

Actually, now I come to think about it, BVC Reading IS the Beano......! ;)

Fiona said...

Hope the exams are going alright. Good luck, although with a seat like that I'm sure you won't need it.