Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I have been weighed, measured, and found to be just about average!

So the postie knocked on the door. Big padded envelope handed over. Postmark indicated it was from Uni.

Opened it up wondering why it was such a large envolope and discovered my research project had been returned. 5499 words on Health and Safety law in the Construction Industry. (We were allowed 5000 words plus 10%) Blow me down if I hadn't got a distinction for it. While my 'tutor' overseeing my efforts was the most laid back and easy going lecturer at Uni he hadn't marked it, so I was well chuffed with that.

Out came a further pile of papers. Scanning down the page, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass. All eight units done. All passed. I even got a distinction in Public Law which was nice, and a merit in the other two exams for this year. What let me down dismally though was the written assignments.

Now to the failed assignment. As it was just the one, and was between 35 and 40%, it has been compensated. I checked with the Uni and they said its fine, a pass is a pass. I can retake the assignment to get rid of the compensation, but if I fail it again I get one more shot, and if that fails I lose the whole lot. I did get 65 in the Equity and trusts exam, so I am sure I can do it, but do I want to risk it?

I checked with the Bar Council and they said its OK. I checked with the BVC provider and they said if the Bar Council are OK then they are happy, but get written confirmation from them first. trying to do that now.

But the big question is, do I redo the assignment? I hated Equity and trusts with a vengeance but just before the exam I read a book I bought on ebay which opened it up to me and I quite enjoyed it. It all made sense. So while I have time (oh yeah, as if), no other career pressures, and the will to get it right, should I put the whole GDL pass at risk and give it a go, or let sleeping dogs lie?

My overall mark was 58, with 60 being a Merit, which I assume is 2:1 land, so for a hard working old'un I think I did alright.

So undecided at the moment, but with the BVC starting in about 5 weeks time I can do it now, but would prefer to leave well alone providing it won't come back and bite me later on, perhaps at a pupillage interview, 'Oh, so you accepted a poor result and did nothing about it?' 'Didn't bother making that last bit of effort?', 'Sorry, we don't accept compensated passes'

Any views?


Android said...

If you can get written confirmations from both the Bar Council and your BVC provider to say that it's enough, I personally wouldn't resit the exam, because that's extra stress + revision time. But then it's up to you

Law Minx said...

Congratulations!!!! :)
I'm with Andro on this one Swizz, Its maybe not worth the stress; you have other very impressive results to big yourself up with!

Android said...

Yes, sorry - congrats on your results!! :)

Law Minx said...

Swizz, have you by any chance turned into an electrical appliance of intense domestic value?!

Swiss Tony said...

Minxy, an electrical appliance of intense personal pleasure? What are you trying to say?

Is it a Welsh thing, or am I the only one confused by that?


Law Minx said...

I was just wondering if you had turned into an exploding microwave - nothing more salacious than that, I'm afraid! LoL!!!

Swiss Tony said...

Minxy, where oh where is Mr P to bring some sense to all this. I have re-read my blog, checked yours twice to make sure its you posting and not the evil impostor, but still can't work it out.

I get a feeling I will feel very silly when the penny drops!


Swiss Tony said...

Minxy, Funnily enough, I went over the Barmaids blog, cos I think she is lovely, and then hooked into the exploding microwave.

So now the penny has dropped.

I will try and add him to my links (he isn't me though), but I wish he had a way of commenting, cos I like his style.


Law Minx said...

Ah, I will give up trying to be subtle then! Theres a blog out there going by the tender name of "Exploding Microwave" discussing his thoughts and experiences of the BVC; I just thought it might be your good and learned self, thats all! :)

Here's the url:

barmaid said...

Oh, you've made me blush, you silver tongued thing you :-)

congrats with the result. 5 weeks and counting.

mmmm health and safety law eh. Don't tell me, you too are like me and have to get your hands dirty in 'real life'. One day Swizz, we will have clerks to put gold coins in the little pouches, on the back of our barrister's gowns and our hands shall be soft as babies bums, never to be sullied by the toils of manual grafting again!!!

Lost London Law Student said...

I wouldnt worry if all you have to do is have a pass?
It's a bit like someone actually taking 1st yr grades deadly seriously?!?!

Took me a while to realise that you = Swiss Tony .. funny that

Swiss Tony said...

OK, the consensus of opinion seems to be let sleeping dogs lie.

The Bar Standards wotsits have said I am OK, school (Doesn't university sound so much better) have said if the bar boys are ok then its good for them, so I will leave it well alone and sit on my laurels. Yay, I passed!

Meanwhile, work is going a pace as usual. 65 hours last week, 62 this week, and half a day in court last Monday too. Nearly 2 hours to get there for a 2 minute hearing.

I wonder if while I am waiting for the joys and excitement of the BVC to begin I should post my legal exploits.

I will do a new post.


Fiona said...

I think that's a really good result considering everything else going on in your life and it's very wise to have a break.