Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Swiss is Shocked

Swiss is shocked

Look what he has just found in his Spam folder.

If there is one good thing to be said about Yahoo, it certainly recognises crap when it sees it:

Following many months of research and visiting thousands of law blogs from around the world, the team at Solicitorsblog.com have now identified what we deem to be the best law blogs on the internet based upon quality, relevancy, content and reputation.

As we feel the content of your blog fits the high standard and quality solicitorsblog.com wishes to offer, we wish to formally invite you to become a valued contributor of the site for the benefit of the global legal community

The day that Swiss Tony starts to post anything that is relevant, has quality anywhere associated with it, or fits anybodies high standards, is the day that Bar Boy will start to wear long trousers.

It just not going to happen is it.

It begs the question, are all Solicitors the same, or is it just this bunch of chancers?

Bloody amateurs!

To be honest, Swiss can't even be bothered to be shocked anymore.



AW said...

You're always in shock! :P

Michael said...

lol - well said, AW. I've grown increasingly suspicious of Swizz's invariable state of shock. :p

Re. the solicitorsblog thing, I take it you haven't signed up? :p
(I think everyone got the email) ;-)

Law Minx said...

Don't be shockled, Swizzles - as Michael says, everyone got the email, even the big boys of blogging ( who, I think, viewed it a bit suspiciously), so may be its best to view it as a bit of flattering spam?!
Spamis, of course, is toxic to Hedgehogs but you may rest assured that my all my prickles are intact, and that I presently have my snout in a saucer of catfood. Bliss.

J said...

Don't be shocked Swiss, I very much like solicitorsblog.com and what these guys are doing for bloggers.

By offering bloggers an opportunity to be referenced within a website with real appeal cannot be a bad thing. What I like about the site is the fact that my Blog has been posted on the home page several times without being asked for money or even a return link. Best of all, visitors have been directed back to my site, and not a housed page, or a page with framing and advertisements.

I personally thought about the pros and cons before allowing my posts to be included, but I threw caution to the wind and in 3 weeks from the date that my Blog first appeared, I have received a 22% increase in visits. Now I don't know about Swiss or anyone else, but I could never complain as I have not even put one finger on the keyboard to make that happen.


Swiss Tony said...

AW, yes, its been a shocking time for Old Swiss

Michael, NOOOOO, don't spoil it by saying everyone got the same email! So basically what that means is that they really didn't check Swiss's blog for its content and decide it was the business? Damn.

Minxy, Oh Minxy, I thought you had gone into hibernation, yet you are still eating. While all the other little Hedgehogs have tucked themselves in for the winter, you are still stuffing your face.

J, at first I thought that maybe you were Sales and Marketing Director for Sloppyjoes Blog, but maybe not. If increasing your viewers floats your boat, then glad you found what you wanted. Swiss, I am afraid, doesn't give a hoot about law, content, quality or viewers. If they like it, good, if not, they can go to SloppyJoes Blog and find you over there.

The thought of having to research blog ideas and write about legal topic fills Swiss with dread. Surely that is clear from the content?

Law Minx said...

My Dear Swizzles,

Being a singularly unique sort of hedgehog I refuse to hibernate since I wish to retain my ultra sharp prickles in advance of the forthcoming silly season. As to stuffing my face, I wish to point out that while catfood may seem to be a bit base, it is rather the equivalent of the calorific and gastronomic quality of your basic Inner Temple Baked Potato - see how I SUFFER for my art, even in the depths of winter?!?!?!?

AW said...

Swiss, I was hoping you'd have posted something new for me to read as I need cheering up and I always laugh at something in your posts. Have you not had reason to be shocked lately?!

Swiss Tony said...

AW, I can't believe you read this shite?

Tomorrow, snow dependent, Swiss will be off to the far flung corners of London to attend Court, and he is sure that something will be suitably shocking to warrant further drivel and nonsense.

If you are stuck for a laugh, go to Solicitorsblog. They are good at having a laugh.


AW said...

I know, its shocking isn't it?!

Say hello to London for me. I miss the place along with its confusing streets, resident crazies (who have nothing on New York's crazies), the tube service and layout of the tube system (which is miles better than the subway) and the food section of dear old marks & spencers.

Have fun at Court... I look forward to seeing what shocks you next!


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