Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Surly not!

Swizz is shocked.

Yesterday, while wandering around a County Court with his mobile shoe shine business, he wandered through the Youth Court section. Blimey O'Reilly, what an eye opener.

Sitting slouched low in the seats were four youths. Scallywags the lot of them. Two lads and 2 girls.

Surly is simply not enough to describe the little toe rags. Insolent, cocky, rude, impolite and thoroughly unpleasant individuals, the lot of them.

None of them could talk. They grunted and sneered, but words were simply not in their vocabulary, if that makes sense!

One of them was being asked to turn off the rap music he was playing on his mobile. He grunted, the other three laughed, they all grunted at each other and he turned the music up.

Putting aside the fact that they must all have committed a crime, all been arrested, all about to go in front of a Magistrate and be told off and told to be good little children, they clearly did not give a shit about it. It was all just a laugh and I am afraid that Swiss saw red.

Clearly, they felt that being in Court was a distraction from sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle, but as they would be recording the show on the DVD's they had nicked it was but a minor inconveneince to them. Getting up earlier than normal was probably the greatest inconvenience.

They needed a damn good slapping with a house brick. Swiss can't do anything in the Youth Courts now. Having seen the type of client, he would be done for assault and battery within the first day of being there.

Fortunately, as they were all wearing trainers there was no work to be had cleaning shoes, so Swiss moved on to the grown up waiting room. It has to be said that the clientele wasn't a great deal better there, but at least there was an overall look of misery on their faces, so it is fair to assume that at least some of them had thoughts of regret at being in Court.

Yoof, don't you just hate em?



barboy said...

"None of them could talk. They grunted and sneered, but words were simply not in their vocabulary ..."

Swiss, for a moment, there, I though you were describing my BVC group ?

Android said...

Youth Courts are the worst! I once worked for a criminal solicitor, who used to give his youth clients cigarettes to get referrals from their mates (and he used to send me to buy the fags!). ;D

Swiss Tony said...

Andropov, I think he would do better offering ringtones and spliffs, if what I saw was anything to go by.

BB, if you remember the last time we met for drinks, and I was trying to pour you back onto the train, grunting (and dribbling) was all you were capable of.


barmaid said...

Oh dear Swizz, you'll be telling us next that in your day, you never did nuffink wrong none.

p.s. word verification is 'whably'. Now I know I've put a bit of weight on over Xmas, but really, is there any need to be quite so rude

Barristergirl said...

Ah, the joys of yoof! Im just jealous cos I am no longer one! At least they changed the law so they can all go and make amends in secure LA accommodation....! BG