Monday, 30 November 2009

Skool is grate

Swiss is alarmed to find that having just spent a weekend (thoroughly enjoyable and the best of fun) studying 'Dot to Dot' and plasticine, there is but one more weekend of frivolity ahead, and then the course all seems to go a bit haywire.

Next weekends studying is the weekend before Xmas, so its sure to have mince pies laid on in class, and the finest fizzy drinks, and if we are lucky, chocolate fingers too. Isn't CofL just the best place to spend a weekend. Its brill.

After that, its a mystery. Apparently, there are options and assessments. No idea what that entails, so Swiss is going to try and ignore it until it can be ignored no longer.

Swiss did pick two subjects to study for his options, advanced basket weaving and international finger painting, but CofL has yet to confirm that he can do those.

But the assessment things seems to have a greater meaning that Swiss can acknowledge at the moment.

There are 8 weekends of attendance required, and it looks like 72 assessments and a mock trial. OK, maybe not 72, but at least 10. Some weekends have multiple assessments. Sod that for a game of soldiers. As good as Swiss is at colouring in, it isn't easy to do it under pressure. Every study weekend has an assessment. Struth.

Nevertheless, there is a Mock Trial at a real Court, with real Judges, and real Policeman as witnesses. Excellent opportunity to knock a Policemans hat off. Swiss has always wanted to do that.

We shall see how it goes, but seeing as Swiss has asked for the Latest High School Musical video for Xmas, and a pair of roller skates, its hard to think about what follows.

Incidentally, Swiss can report that despite his best endevours to study Dot in a very advanced way, she has made a complaint about him to teacher.


barmaid said...

Could always try this one mate -

"Deer Missus or Mistur Examinner,

Swizz cannott doo the hexams this weak, as he has a varooca and was sick twyce on the skool bus last nyte.

Yours trooly
Swizzles ever loving Mater."

barboy said...
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barboy said...

Swizzle, young chap, not just basket weaving but advanced basket weaving, no less. We are all so very proud of how much you have progressed these past couple of years.

I am surprised that you didn't go for the practical sandpit techniques option. Are CoL not offering that this year ?

BTW, are you at skool on 21st Feb. If not, might you care to join me for Sunday lunch at Inner, followed by a Fanta or three ?

Swiss Tony said...

BM, cut and copied. Excellent. Thanks for your help. You are a shining light in this gloom of midwinter.

BB, Advabced basket weaving teaches us how to use beads in the sides of the baskets and all sorts of decorative stuff. I feel quite confident with the basics, so it seemed the best choice.

My stickle brick building skills were doing quite well, until I had an unfortunate incident with a space rocket I made. Still, teacher has at least learnt to look at their seat before sitting down.

Sandpit techniques, I passed on because fat boy Roger, the class bully, is doing it. He is nasty and doesn't blow his nose.

21st Feb is the week before multiple MCT exams. 4 in a weekend. What do they think Swiss is capable of. Madness. So I think I had best pass on the offer, but three Fantas sounds good. Keep in touch and I will bring the straws.