Thursday, 2 April 2009

OLPAS - I aint saying nothing, right!

It appears to me that too much is being written, and complained about with OLPAS at the moment. So I have decided that this Blog will be an OLPAS complaint free zone.

Therefore, I have nothing to say on the matter.

I did look for a picture of Marcel Marceau to illustrate the silence, but decided that this picture of me working hard in another of my part time jobs was a better way of putting it.

This is me outside BPP, which I have found is a very lucrative place to stand at weekends for change to be thrown in my little pot. It seems that BPP students are desperate to pay anyone anything to get ahead, so money pours forth from their grubby little hands. CLS students ignored me in a superior way, and CofL students nicked my hat and pushed me off the box.

Its disgraceful, the state of education in this country.

So, I will not mention OLPAS, here, now, tomorrow, or thereafter. I will do it, if I can summon the enthusuasm and work out how to log on, but for now, I am keeping schtum.

You aint seen me, right!



barmaid said...

I knew straight away that you were a CoL student, the happy, smiley face gave it away:-)

Swiss Tony said...

BM, That look on my face was as I was standing outside the gates of BPP watching the students departing with reams of homework, sad and dejected faces, and feeling pretty sorry for themselves. Its a sympathetic long face.


Law Minx said...

... does that go any way to explaining exactly why it is you bear more than a passing resemblence to Captain Birdsye?!-

Swiss Tony said...


Damn, thats another of my part time jobs that has been revealed.


Law Minx said...

... Well, at least you still have your position as a part time Tarzan Strip-o-Gram at the Dog and Duck - O Dear. I shouldnt have said that, should I??-.......!

Lost said...

Ah Swizz I particularly liked your comment on SMQC's blog it make me chuckle... :)