Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Did I say that I was new to blogging and that it would come to me?

Well, I lost the blog. Whatever i tried I couldn't get back here to see what I had typed, or if anyone commented. Lo and behold 2 comments. Cricky Moses.

How did you know I had posted or even begun a blog? Its all a mystery to me.

Also my tried and tested password didn't seem to work either. Oh well, I think its sorted now.

Cheers Mr P, and Law Girl for finding me.

Well, the scholarship I didn't get, but it was very interesting attending the interview, and i think I took a lot of encouragement from it.

You see, from my lowly beginnings, brought up on the wrong side of the tracks, destined for a manual job and no big prospects, life took a new turn when I divorced and discovered that the legal aid solicitor my ex-wife used was a nincompoop and that I could draw swords and fight just as well as she could.

As an LIP I seemed to manage pretty well, and began to assist others until I wondered just how difficult would it be to qualify and do this properly.

Hence my new found career prospects ahead.

As mature student, and I mean mature, I have found it very interesting and quite good fun. Like being in the army, which I did for a while when I left school, it isn't fun while you are there doing it, but looking back its quite good fun really.

Never having attained a degree of any sort, I managed to wangle a certificate of Academic Standing from the Law Society to get onto the Graduate Diploma in law, which draws to a conclusion in 3 months. 2.5 months!

I was accepted into an Inn, and offered two places for the BVC, which again, is encouraging me to continue. I have done 4 minis, and I really do think that it is all acheivable.


Android said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

It was really interesting to read about your unique career motivations.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi ST,
Have you read Simon Myersons post on Mature Students? It gives considerable hope to use crinklies of achieving the nirvana of pupillage, as well as helpful advice.
Its nice to see another would be barrister coming out, as it were in a blog, and , as Andro says, I look forward to reading more.

Swiss Tony said...

Minxy, I like to think that my many and varied questions to Simon by email were the inspiration to him writing about Mature students!

Andy, I love your blog because it actually tells me what the BVC is all about. Not sure that your rabbit thread is still on course, but it has all been very informative.

Will blog more tomorrow.

Android said...

STony, I'm glad you found some of my posts useful :)

As for rabbit, I don't even remember posting it. The last thing I do remember was that I opened my White Book to do some revision... ;D

Law Girl said...

I found you then I lost you again! I am so bad at bookmarking sites I like!