Monday, 25 February 2008

First Steps

As a prospective candidate for the bar, I thought I would mark my journey from the first proper event in that path, the interview for a scholarship.

I suppose had I thought of doing the blog earlier, I could have started when I applied for the BVC last month, or applied for the GDL a year or so ago, or even perhaps when I thought of trying to become a barrister, last summer, or when my interest in law and studying began, although i can't for the life of me be certain when that was.

So here i am. I have the idea. I have the determination. I have some hope. (Quite a lot of hope actually, but thats another story). I love reading other blogs, and although I don't really know how to do this blogging thing, I suppose I will pick it up as I go along.

So here I am, fresh faced, eager and willing, with a target ahead of me which will bring be untold fortune and fame. Or maybe just a job as a barrister.

As blogs seem to be anonymous, I will start off that way, but should I be too worried about people knowing who i am? I don't think it is crucial, so i may lay myself bare to ridicule and derision, or perhaps impress certain people. (I know some of my school teachers would/should be impressed, but I was at school sooo long ago they are probably all dead by now.)

Anyway, I will see if this first post works, and if so, I will move onto a little history of how I managed to reach this far.


Mr Pineapples said...

Good luck Tone

Law Girl said...

Hey! Welcome to blogland! Tell us your story and let us congratulate/comiserate/encourage another fledgling barrister to the bar! Lord knows we all need the support, cyber or otherwise!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'll go to the top of my stairs - another, Very Welcome, Barrister Blogger! Snaps for hitting the Ether, ST! I look forward to reading of your adventures in Barrister Land with interest!